Chat Logs Of Blind Guardian Chats

On monday, 29th of may 2000 we had a chat with Hansi K├╝rsch in #Tavern. It was fun for almost everybody I think (and there were up to 140 people in #Tavern!), but for those who didn't have the chance to join this event I will offer the log file (24kb) of this chat for download. It's the whole log, from the time Hansi (with the nick Feanor) joined until he left. Only things which got cleaned out of the log file are the status messages everytime a chatter joins/leaves/gets kicked etc.

For those people out there who don't like to read flat ASCII files I am offering an HTML version here, too. It is seperated into 6 parts and I further erased all the "noise" like greetings etc. Only the important questions (or some very hilarious parts) remain in these HTML summaries:

General questions
Blind Guardian questions
Release questions
Tours questions
Lord Of The Rings questions
Other bands questions
Review of chat by Sweet-Suffering E-Zine
View log file (txt) (63 kb)
Download log file (zip) (24 kb)