Chat with Hansi - Questions about Lord Of The Rings

<bregolad> Hi Hansi, Will Blind Guardian appear on the "Lord of the Rings" soundtrack?
<Feanor> bregolad i doubt we do, but the movie will be great anyway

<bregolad> Hansi, why no LOTR soundtrack?
<Feanor> bregolad we weren ´t asked so far, plus we were not able to provide them with stuff in time

<Evylyn> Would you like "Lord of the rings to be" the lead-motive in the film LOTR if you got the offer?
<Feanor> evylyn I even would pay money for it

* Galadrim says: Elen sila lùmenn omentielmo Hansi, How about giving Peter Jackson one of the songs from N.I.M.E to use in the movie? (NOLDOR PERHAPS)
<Feanor> galadrim I think they they would be too heavy, he needs bombastic classical music, which we could provide him with, but I think they have made their decision already

<Gothic> Hi Hansi! Greetings from Greece! Have you seen the LOTR movie trailer? If yes what did you think of the music?
<Feanor> gothic I did it rules

<Mephisto> Hi Hansi, first i must say that you have the best voice in music history and Blind Guardian is the best band ever. I am bassist and a singer in metal band just like you where :) Like me you are a big fan of Tolkien and fantasy in general. So i would like to know: what are your expectations considering the "LOTR" movie trilogy?
<Feanor> mephisto what can i say? Thanks. the movie will even blow Star Wars away