Chat with Hansi - Questions about other bands

<AntichristSuperstar> Hansi, Blind Guardian was 1995 on Tour with "Böhse Onkelz" - what do you think about this Band?
<Feanor> <Antichrist Superstar> It ´s not my type of music

<Ayreon> Have you heard Ayreon and what do you think of it? Would you like to be on Ayreon?
<Feanor> <Ayreon> I hear the first one and thought it wasn ´t bad, but something is missing to make it really big

<azriel> feanor: what do u think of running wild's "victory"?
<Feanor> <Azriel> Sorry to say I haven ´t heard it,yet. Only the song on the rock hard CD and that wasn ´t very spectacular

<BlizWar> Hell-o Hansi, I'd like to know what do you think of Finnish Melodic Opera Metal band, called Nightwish?
<Feanor> BlitzWar I think they do a decent job

<dark-ange> have you heard any spanish heavy metal band? i knew you have heard su ta gar
<dark-ange> but there are cool bands like tierra santa, avalanch, easy rider, latzen and more for sure...
<Feanor> dark-angel I hear Baron Rojo and some others but I am unfortunately no specialist

<erekose> what do you think of "Opeth"?
<Feanor> erekose i don ´t even know them, sorry

<FatherVic> on the internet surfed a song called Gandalf the Magician that was instrumental, was it a BG song????
<Feanor> fathervic i am sure it is not us, so this is a miraculous amateurish, but good copy, I heard
<LoboThrax> fathervic, isn't from Pär Lindh Project?
<FatherVic> dunno lobo....that's why I ask
<LoboThrax> there's a song done by PHL that some ppl think BG did
<Feanor> Lobothrax Pär Lindh is cool

<FANatiKo> what kind of music has the band been hearing last months?
<Feanor> fanatiko I enjoy listening to the old stuff, the best newer album is the latest Dream Theater

<Glorfindel> Thank you my dear Metalbrother =) What do you think about Luca Turilli's soloalbum "King of the Nordic Twilight"?
<Feanor> glofindel a little too much of everything

<Glorfindel> What do you think about the reunation of Iron Maiden?
<Feanor> glorfindel let ´s wait and hear more than just one or two songs. the songs I heard was good but overwhelming

<GraveRoT> Hail to you... Do you or your band members listen to extreme metal much such as brutal |BlacK| metal, like Darkthrone, Burzum, Gorgoroth.... or Death Metal at all?
<Feanor> graverot I guess none of us does. If someone does, it surely will be Magnus

<GraveRoT> do you listen to classical music and if so who are your favorite composers?
<Feanor> graverot So this sounds cheesy my favourite composer is Mozart. I like classical stuff but I am no pro

<Abufawork> just a hint hansi, try Liszt ö)
<Feanor> abufawork Liszt is great, he has some amazing piano abilities

<GraveRoT> what bands got you into metal all those years ago?
<Feanor> graverot Maiden, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath probably have been the first, followed by a thousand of legendary metal bands

<Henke> What do you think about the new Iron Maiden cd?
<Feanor> henke I only one song it was good but not overwhelming. i am sure the album will have some better songs on it

<HolyDiver> Hello Hansi... Thank You for the chat. You are one of my favourite singers in the Business, but can you please tell me, which (metal) Singers you like most?
<Feanor> holydiver holy dio, Peter Gabriel, Freddy Mercury, Ian gillan, Geoff Tate are my most favourits

<Purple74> Hi Hansi, I'm from Italy and we already met a few months ago during the D&W promotion. I know you are a big fan of 70s' hard rock and prog. What is, in your opinion the main difference between the spirit of the music of those times and nowadays? Don't you think there are tooooo many bands cloning each other, now?
<Feanor> purple74 100% my opinion

<Slaytanic> Yeah!!!! Hey Hansi!
<DS-sama> dont lick him slaytanic :p
* Slaytanic licks Hansi... do what?
<Slaytanic> DS-sama: Can I ask him if he knows Andi Deris and his sexuality?
<DS-sama> LOL
<Slaytanic> DS-sama: Can I?
<DS-sama> ask him about rob halford too :p
<Feanor> ds-sama he is a good voclist, probably the best metal vocalist ever, but he never moved me like dio did

<The_Emperor> what is the band's main influences? which bands and which singers have influenced you? Who do u think is the best metal singer now?
<Feanor> the emperor it is queen, maiden, maybe Metallica (though this hard to explain, nowadays)

<Zipper> What do you think about Maiden's new found popularity and the new album?
<Feanor> zipper they deserve it