Chat with Hansi - Questions about Blind Guardian

<ButterflyMan> how do you and Andre do when you write songs together?
<Feanor>> butterflyman seperately we usually work on single pieces and try to build things to together it is like jiggsaw puzzling

<ButterflyMan> How do you come up with song ideas ? when ?
<ButterflyMan> does Andre do the most musical part and you the lyrics?
<Feanor>> butterfly man we share the musical part, but it is 65% André and 35% me

<DracWell> Hansi, will you get a permanent bassist for the next album? And why have you tuned down the heaviness from IFTOS to NIME, thus, will the next one be heavy like IFTOS and epic/well arranged like NIME? Going forth... Will you visit Sweden on the next tour? Perhaps play att Sweden Rock Festival.
<Feanor>> darcwell I don ´t think that this would be the right solution

<dreamer> hallo Hansi, I'd like to ask if Oliver is a steady member of the band right now...
<Feanor>> dreamer no he is not, but he is the best slave you can buy at the moment

<DS-sama> hansi, will u keep using him on next album/ tour?
<DS-sama> (oliver)
<Feanor>> ds-sama partly we will, I might appear as a bassist on one or two songs again.

<Henke> Have you taking lessons to sing or are you a natural hansi?
<Feanor>> henke I started taking lessons in 1993, some people say I got better, others deny

<Pemm> Hansi: How is that guitar effect at the beginning of 'Into the Storm' done?
<Feanor>> pemn ask Andre he will appear here sometime

<BlindG> Hansi: How good the relationship between Blind Guardian members ?
<Feanor>> blindg the relationship is good