Chat with Hansi - Questions about Tours

<Arteira> Hansi, when will you go to Brazil again?
<Feanor> I don ´t know right now, hopefuly in 2001
<Feanor> we will be in Brazil somewhere in 2001

<Acheron^> Can Blind Guardian please take a stop in Norway on next tour?
<Feanor> Archeron, I thope we will pass by on our next European tour

<Ayreon> Any plans to tour in Finland?
<Feanor> Ayreon Finnland is pretty possible, too

<Belial> i was wondering if you have any plans to ever tour the usa?
<Feanor> Belial, I am sure there is a big possibility with our next one, so far it wouldn ´t have made sense

<Barbarian> Hi hansi do you plan to come to Bulgaria on one of your tours?
<Feanor> >Barbarian>I hope so, though we haven ´t got in any offers so far
<Barbarian> and what about comming here to BG
<Barbarian> i think that there will be thousands of people coming to the concert just for you
<Feanor> Barbarian That would be an adventure for sure

<BlindBard> Hansi, do you think Guardian will ever come to Moscow? I heard that a company called TCI tried to organize a concert but you refused... Is it true?
<Feanor> >BlindBard> it depends on the success of the next album, but we desperately would like to go there
<Feanor> BlindBard noone contacted us so far

<beJuanito> Hansi, is there any chance of coming again to south America in the next tour?
<beJuanito> I know a big fanbase here in Venezuela
<beJuanito> that would love to have you guys play
<Feanor> beJuanito surely we will. we had a great but stressful time over there. we all would love to do it again

<darktemplar> hi hansi, i have one question, will BG play in your hometown krefeld, ever again?
<Feanor> darktemplar only god knows, it is not out of the world

<Dead_Soul> Have you ever thought about doing a show or tour involving Iced Earth, Blind Guardian and Demons & Wizards? Maybe releasing a live CD to go along with it?
<Feanor> Dead-soul it is difficult, but at least Jon and I would enjoy it. WE will see. It is a good opportunity for the states

<Dracula``> hiya Hansi, i know some people might consider this request lame, but would you come perform in israel please? we really want some good metal shows.. and yours is one of the best there is :)
<Feanor> dracula it would be a trip and actually we got in some request, so it is something serious to consider

<Evylyn> Will you come to sweden at your next tour?
<Feanor> evylyn surely we will

<FatherVic> HI Hansi first Of all say that I appreciate in extreme the fact D&W Will play 3 times in Spain....spain rulzzz but what so many times here and so few in the rest of the world (just 4)
<FatherVic> spain you're touring with Dark Moor, who choosed that band??? have you ever heard them???
<Feanor> fathervic the promoter, i think

<FANatiKo> Did you know that 24-Jun , the day you play in Barcelona it's Sant Joan , and the typical in that day are the fireworks ... What are going to hear louder the firework noise ore the Blind Guardian music ?
<Feanor> fanatiko isn ´t it Demons and Wizards playing, I am confused

<Galadrim> Hansi, does Blind Guardian let people up on stage to sing/play along with you?
<Feanor> galadrim in seldom cases we do, but usually it is impossible. We have a careful but impressive looking roadie who takes care on such things

<Gighen> I hope to hear feddler at gods of metal... is a great song! You are a great composer:)))
<Feanor> gighen that ´s guaranteed. we start rehearsals on Monday

<Hades> hi Hansi, are BG planning to gig down Brazil again? and...last time here i heard about Recife, you really went to the hospital? what happened?
<Feanor> hades I was visited by a doctor, i wasn ´t able to move and I haven ´t had any drugs or alcohol
<Hades> heheh what caused then, food?
<Feanor> hades exactly
<Hades> yeah, brazilian food such as drug at some places :)
<Feanor> hades I haven ´t had a chance, but some people told me to check it out, so I will. it is a bunch of stuff

<Held> Hansi... When will be your next Concert Tour in Germany ?
<Feanor> held it will be late 2000
<Tulkas> talking like Yoda are we
<Feanor> tulkas you must conquer your fear or fear will conquer you

<H1lander> One quick question on behalf of Hazy: When or will you give a gig in Turkey ?
<Feanor> hilander turkey is a big goal. Caused by my illness last we were not able to play there in 1999

<Hero> Greetings Hansi from Russia! Do you planning to visit us?
<Feanor> hero we of course do. but let us first come up with a great album, which everybody can enjoy

<Henke> Will you tour anything this summer?
<Feanor> henke with Demons and Wizards I will, B.G. starts recordings

<hogZ> I'm going to see D & W at the Bang Your Head Festival. Will you have time to play the whole D & W album?
<Feanor> hogz I think we will have enough time

<hogZ> I hope you will tour Norway after the next BG album? You have a lot of fans up here
<Feanor> hogz all the countries we haven ´t played so far are first priority, so you do have a great chance

<Igloo> Hi Hansi! Greetings from sweden. Do ou gonna play in sweden on the next BG tour?
<Feanor> igloo we will, it just has been an accident that we didn ´t tour Sweden last time

<Soth> Hansi: why don't Demons&Wizards play at Wacken Open Air?`
<Feanor> I couldn ´t confirm my appearance, because of BG studio activities
<Feanor> Soth last one was for you
<Soth> i know. sad but true, but BG is more important In My Humble Opinio, too
<Feanor> soth right

<JimTheHobbit> When do you plan on coming on tour again?
<Feanor> jth we will start touring at the end of the next year I would say. let ´s see how far we get

<Kender> rummer control has it that Blind Guardian, Iced Earth, Nevermore are to do a west coast USA tour ? true or false
<Feanor> kender unfortunately it is not more than a rumour, though we were asked to play the states. The new album deserves all our attention right now
<Kender> darn
<Kender> guys come on
<Kender> just one night in arizona USA when the new album is finshed
<Feanor> kender I will consider to do that. it would be cool trip, but f... expensive, one must say
<Kender> thats true
<Kender> besides you don't want to be here this time of year

<JimTheHobbit> if you could fit it would you be able to come to the south of spain, since loads of other bands have come
<Feanor> jth we love the south of Spain, sorry to say but usually it isn ´t too much in our hands where we are going to play. Granada would be cool agian

<Larve_> Hi Hansi! I would like to know, if you are going to come to Finland on your next tour?
<Feanor> Larve i hope we will. there is a 80-90% chance of doing so

<Mordor> Hello Hansi!Wie geht's dir?(I'm italian=)Is it sure that Demons and Wizards will play at the Gods of Metal 2000?Will you be there too?Please!I've alredy the ticket!=)I'll be there with my BG orkbattle longsleeves!
<Feanor> mordor cool. I will see you, somehow ...

<luthien> Yes, please, play at Gods of Metal! -another italian fan, here:)
<Feanor> luthien BG can ´t unfortunately

<Mongvar> What did you think of playing in Brazil on Nightfall tour? Brazilian fans and magazines said the accoustic concert was awesome :)
<Feanor> mongvar second show in Brazil and first show in Argentina have been the best during our last touring period. it has been wonderful

<MORGOTH> Hello Hansi, about the cancelled gigs here in Brazil, I´d like to ask if there is any remaining sorrow in your relationship with brazilian fans after that? We understood everything after reading your explaining e-mail
<Feanor> morgoth it is a pitty. I hope we can do something special once we are back in South America, as a kind of excuse

<Olorin> Hullo Hansi (and Andrea :), I am Spyros from Athens, Greece and I would like to ask you if you are going to play any Blind Guardian and Iced Earth songs in your upcoming Demons & Wizards concert in Athens at the 17th of June. If yes, could you give us some titles?
<Feanor> olorin yes we will it is a secret which

<Nikannah> hi hansi, first of all: thanks alot! second: do you know if the d&w concerts will be sold out?
<Feanor> nikannah which one
<Nikannah> pratteln
<Nikannah> ch
<Feanor> nikannah I doubt it will. But it will be crowded

<Sammael^> hansi u just got to come to norway
<Feanor> Sammael isn ´t that where all the trolls are. I wish we could, but it is so cold up there

<Slaytanic> Did you enjoy the tour while you played in Argentina in '98?
<Feanor> slaytanic tremendously, but i was so burnt out

<[sA]> Hansi: [BG RULES] since Blind Guardian and many other european metal/power/"medieval" bands are less knowned in the North America, why not make a "festival"? (like Gods of Metal, but in Canada)?
<Feanor> sa it is not on us to organize such an event, but there will be a change anyway

<Xeqtor> Greetings Hansi! I have two question that I really hope you can ask: 1) Do you have plans to tour in Sweden with either Demons & Wizards or BG? 2) Have you ever been asked to sing in Ayreon?
<Feanor> xeqtor BG plans to come to Sweden in 2001, due to a lack of time it is impossible for D&W. I haven ´t been asked so far

<[sA]> Hansi: yes but how about BG only or D&W going to Canada? you never been here :(
<Feanor> sa: we do our best