Chat with Hansi - General questions

<BlindBard> Hansi, what you would advise to a beginning band? Do you think it's better to send the demos to as much comanies as possible or try to play live everyvere to get known?
<BlindBard> companies i mean
<Feanor> Blindbard demos are far more efficient, than live shows. it is a tough time to get a deal for young bands right. Take of the sharks outside

<katharsis> Hansi: what's your favorite beer ? =)
<Feanor> katharsis my favourtie beer is Rhenannia, but i had to cut it down a little over the last few years

<boeder-00> feanor: what food do u like the best ?
<Feanor> <boeder>right now it is strawberry cream

<BlizWar> Do you like to use IRC alot?
<Feanor> blitzwar I don ´t even know what it is, so I guess I will like it

<dark-ange> have you read pratcheet?
<Feanor> dark angel I have read Pratchet and enjoyed it partly, I still hold back titles for the new album

<Feanor> Crispin of course I remember the mighty crispin
<Feanor> Rock City rules

<DDrake> Hi Hansi, i´f like to know if you play "Role Playing Games"...
<Feanor> ddrake I don ´t, sorry

<DDrake> What do you think about Spain?
<Feanor> ddarke Spain is great. spanish fans are special

<darktemplar> hansi, is it true, that some of the band band members can be found sometimes at Pizza Hut in krefeld?
<Feanor> darktemplar surely you can find magnus in each kind of restaurant. little fat thomen probably, as well

<DiCkInSoN> what do u think about the argentinian ppl???
<Feanor> dickinson massive crowd reaction, it ruled. the accoustic shows I considered to be the best we have experienced so far

<Eniwetog> How do you define "good life"?
<Feanor> erekose good life, good music, my wife around me, my dog at my side, a good book and and one or two healthy beer

<erekose> i live in zaragoza(spain) you came here in 1995 i think, what was it like? will you ever come back here?
<Feanor> erekose it was fun

<Eniwetog> And this one I've been wondering for a long time. Where babies come from?
<Feanor> enitwetog so you should walk in the dark for a few more days

<Eniwetog> Thank you, Finland loves you, you are god, etc. :)
<Feanor> enitwetog and i live finnlan, though i haven ´t been there so far. this must be changed

<Evylyn> Do you need any swedish young female groupies at your next tour? *grins* I volunteer. I worship you. *grins even more* Please come to sweden and I promise to give you a kiss on the cheek!
<Feanor> Evylyn my wife said thanks there is no need and I agree
<Evylyn> *grins* at least I gave it a try

<Errtu> Hansi: in which country did you get drunk the most?
<Feanor> errtu difficult question
<Errtu> you don't remember?
<Feanor> Errtu that ´s the mess with drunken sailors

<Errtu> have you heard about the Metallica vs Napster thing, and what do you think of it?
<Feanor> errtu Napster is something i don ´t really consider to be of interest

<FANatiKo> Why the other members of the group aren't here ? ...posibly because it's a interview with Hansi Kürsch ?... but , why only with you ?
<Feanor> fanatiko the other guys will appear on later days. this is just a beginning

<Fates> okok.hansi: When was the last time you guys went to a strip club?
<Feanor> fates i haven ´t done so far, but i am convinced the others haven ´t as well

<Framin> Hansi, you read Tolkien (of cource!), King, Murkok. What else you have read of fantasy books. How abaut Rodger Zelazny? Robert Jordan? Le Guin?
<Feanor> framin a bunch Stephan Grundy, Lawhead, etc.
<Framin> Hansi - Hey! You dont read Zalazny? Realy it is a great mistake ;)
<Feanor> framin Roger Zelazny is nice, but i am not fond of reading his novells

<Framin> Hansi, you favorit movie? How about Star Wars, Brave Heart, Labyrinth?
<Feanor> framin I would like to add Willow and the 6th Sense

<HelloweeN> HIIIIIIIIII HANNNNNNNSSSI ..whats yer best country to play in?and the best people in the concerts?
<Feanor> helloween there are couple of good countries, which achieve more or less the same level. so this is hard to say, plus it changes from time to time. you never can be sure about the reaction and we always try to give our best

<Hero> Hansi: and else one question. Do you have the sword?
<Feanor> hero I might die by the sword one day, but I don ´t own one. I would be a dangerous weapon in my hand

<Hra47> Hi Hansi! Do you sing in the shower?
<Feanor> hra47 I of course do, my wife complyins about it big times

<imaginations> Hansi good evening from Greece.I'd like to ask which Role Playing Games have you played and which is your favorite?
<Feanor> imaginations none so far, sorry. so there is no favourite one

<Feanor> Igor nice to hear that there are a lot of serbian fans. by the way i was asked about my favourite food before. serbian beansoup surely belongs to the top dishes ont that planet, though ia am not sure if it is known in Serbia
<Igor> hahaha!
<Igor> Sure known! :)

<Igloo> Hansi: wich is your favourite BG-song?
<Feanor> igloo The Bard ´s Song and Bright Eyes Time stands still

<imaginations> Hansi have you ever tried Souvlaki??? (then let's talk about top dishes!!)
<Feanor> imaginations good food, no doubt, but it does not get close to S.Bs

<Ironlord> Hi Hansi, I just want to say thanx for all themusic and for everything Blind Guardian has done for me over the years
<Feanor> ironlord my thanks goes out to you
<Ironlord> always welcome, no problem
<Feanor> ironlord we will try to keep you happy and thrilled, that ´s one the reasons a BG album takes so long
<Ironlord> btw, hi from all the american fans( not sure how many, but I think there is alot)
<Feanor> ironlord say hi for me
<Ironlord> ok

<KB> Just Wanted to say that in our place which is very close to Germany we are a group of about ten guys who listen to your music. A friend of a friend's brother brought us a cd, and some of us did discover the tolkien part of your songsÖ A few weeks later we were total fans, and nobody knew who you were.
<KB> Now you know that Alsacian beer drinkers love your music and the whole group.
<Feanor> kb that ´s the way it goes. cool to hear
<Feanor> kb sounds nice. I would give some of my hairs to play in Alaska

<Kyriakos> Hansi : First of all , I would like to apologize on behalf of the Greeks for what happened when you and Jon came to Greece for the signings session . I appreciate the fact that it was your own decission :) Thanx and sorry for the mess . It was everybody's fault ! So ... How's Andrea ? ( Greetings :) how are you and how is everybody else ( the guys :)?
<Feanor> kyriakos andrea is fine thanks. Ba the way Jon and I enjoyed Greed, nevertheless. I am sure it won ´t happen again

<Serenity^> Feanor: I'm a metal-journalist from Sweden, and I was wondering if you'd be interested in doing an interview with our magazine? I/we would truly appreciate it, and it would be a great honour for us. Would be great if we could discuss this via e-mail or in a private chatroom, if you're interested?
<Feanor> serenity I would be contact haplo

<Vilhelmus> Hi Hansi! I know this sonds stupid, but to what address can I send my band's demo CD for you? I would like to be sure that it comes straight to you.
<Feanor> Vilhelmus send it to the Fanclubs address, which has changed so ask haplo
<Haplo> Hansi: excuse me, plz direct people to mystical/-kos, he's better informed hehe

<Legion> hello Feanor from greece once again:)...the first question i would like to ask is what do u do to keep your voice in shape when there are all those live shows or recording
<Feanor> legion not smoking, only small amounts of alcohol during studio session, live a happy life, try to avoid stress (which is impossible)

<Koniko> can I say a magic spell? PIZZACCIOUGHE!!!
<Feanor> koniko you can

<Lilith> Hi Hansi greeting from Brasil. When and how did u start reading fantasy books???
<Feanor> Lilith Years back. A long story, which I can ´t really remember right now. I started with horror novels that ´s for sure

<loddie666> Hail Hansi!!! question: I always thought and dreamed that making a living on a band, playing Metal, would save me from having a routine life, you know, stuff you have to do every day. you make a living on your band, so, do you think that is true?
<Feanor> loddie666 it is a nice life, but odd. It is far more work than fun. but i enjoy work

<SnowOrc> Hello Hansi! Greetings from Sweden! I’m going to Krefeld this summer with my family for one day and I was wondering if there’s any chance for me to meet you guys?
<Feanor> snoworc we will be rather busy I am afraid.

<Nemo> Hansi: I've got lots of stuff to ask you too, but I will meet you at Gods of Metal for a full interview... so meet you there :o)
<Feanor> nemo I will eagerly answer all of your questions if i can

<DS-sama> hansi, what do u think about the mp3 trade that has been done all over internet?
<DS-sama> i mean what do u think about your songs being traded for free?
<DS-sama> even its just mp3, not full albums
<Feanor> ds-sama it is a bless and a curse
<Landis> DS... he's Hansi.. not Lars ;p
<DS-sama> well a band whose name i dontwant to mention *ocugh*met*cough*allica has sued the developers of a program that makes mp3 trading easier...
<DS-sama> and it partly sucks ;/
<Feanor> ds-sama it doesn ´t help me too much. that ´s for sure
<Feanor> ds-sama that ´s not the right way I think
<DS-sama> well as long as you dont record a load/ reload then sue us, its fine :)

<Opossum_> feanor: do u play roleplaying games?
<Feanor> Opossum not so far. There hardly would be any time

<Rekail> Hi Hansi, pleased to speak to you... here in Spain we have a #blind_guardian channel, dou you think you would give us one interview at the Demons tour please ??
<Feanor> rekail why not?
<Rekail> At Barcelona we contact with you.. ok ??
<Feanor> rekail I can ´t await speaking to you

<Peavy> First off, id like to thank you for giving us eager and BG-worshipping fans this opportunity. must be a royal pain in the backside. hehe. :)
<Peavy> Do you like the movie Conan the Barbarian? The music in that movie is widely talked about, and i personally love it. Have you heard about the composer Basil Poledonius (im not sure of the spelling)? Could there ever be a collaberation between some other composer, perhaps him? im sure a classical composer would be very interesting to a band such as BG :)
<Peavy> And also i would very much like to see BG tour here in Sweden!
<Peavy> hehe, been holding up for over two hours now! ;)
<Cybertroll> Peavy: the composer is Basilis Polidouris
<Feanor> peavy how did you find outß
<Peavy> Cybertroll: oh yeah, i think you corrected me before on the mailing list too. :)
<Peavy> Feanor: i can imagine, sitting here for two hours and answering all kinds of questions. phew
<Feanor> peavy I do like the movie, regarding composers I just say let ´s see what the future brings
<Peavy> Feanor: i can only hope, the battlemusic You could come up with.. too much of a swindling thought :)

<Smasher> Feanor ... hi - we have problems with purchase real t-shirt of Bg in Russia, firms in Germany dont
<Smasher> want have a busines with our firms (in Russia) and we dont want buy our pirats suxx ... ... maybe bg's cant
<Smasher> help us &
<Feanor> smasher regarding t-shirts, wait until we play there or check out with EMP

<Rekail> Ummmm had been so many time answering the questions... don`t you want to go to the W.C ?? hahah
<Rekail> :P
<Feanor> rekail I am well abled person and I guess I know how to behave

<Tark> Hansi..what can I say? I LOVE YOUUUUUU!!!!!!! :)) Oh..a question now..a stupid question maybe..but what's your best album in your opinion? you must be true! :)
<Feanor> tark same goes back to you. NIME I am always true (or let ´s say mostly)

<Treesinger> Hi Hansi, I'd like to know, what you think about religion?
<Feanor> treesinger religion is cool, which one is the best I can ´t say. As long as you don ´t have to spend money on it they all have their good points

<Weiman> Hi Andre, greetings from Gothenburg! First question: What Hi-Fi equipment do you own?
<Feanor> weiman Andre?
<mystikos> weiman: this is Hansi, not Andre ;oP
<Weiman> OOps!!
<Weiman> Sorry :)
<Feanor> weiman oops is accepted

<Valeskah> hi hansi u are th best singer on earth
<Valeskah> your voice is just enegetic and u sing with love ah u really rule
<Feanor> valeskah cool, it must be a small planet this earth
<Feanor> valeskah thanks a lot

<_blade_> Greetings Hansi!!!My name is Chris and I'm a singer too!!My band is named "Distant Dreamland" and we play something like BG!We are from Greece
<_blade_> You been more than an inspiration for my singing,my lyrics and my songs!
<_blade_> I would like to ask you how can I contact with you in order to listen to our demo cd
<Feanor> blade good luck with your band hope to hear it one day
<_blade_> ;)
<Feanor> blade I appreciate it thanks
<Feanor> blade ask Haplo who will give another guys name ... an endless but effective story
<_blade_> Thanks man!!! :)
<Haplo> ask mystical ;P

<Cybertroll> Hansi, in my opinion you influence many people with your music and your lyrics. How do you feel about it? Is it a heavy burden?
<Feanor> cybertroll that ´s probably the biggest given back to a musician or a person in general I really appreciate it
<Cybertroll> but you didn't answer to my question hansi :-)
<Feanor> Cybertroll No burden a pleasure
<Cybertroll> oh thanks :-)

<|Samuel|> hansi, you're a real great compposer ans singer, in my country (spain) you're a "tio de putisima madre"
<Feanor> samuel whatever that means it sounds awesome

<JimTheHobbit> Feanor : if you could be bothered, could you sign my guestbook, thanks so much!
<Feanor> jth I am not sure if keep it in mind

<SnowOrc> Hello Hansi! When did you started to play guitar (I guess you learned that first?) And when did you realized that you wanted to be a singer?
<Feanor> snoworc: I started guitar with 12, but I nver achieved a good level in it. I am a decent accoustic guitar player, but hoorible with distorted guitars