Chat with Hansi - Questions about releases

<Acheron^> when do the new album arrive?
<Feanor> <Archeron> The new album will hopefully and surely be out in 2001, but when isn ´t clear right now

<Belial> cool :) what is the next album going to be like? A concept album?
<Feanor> <Belial> I am not sure yet. I believe this time it will be topic themes which each song. I lean towards

<Nemo> Feanor: are you giving precedence to the new BG album or to the orchestral project now? Or both?
<Feanor> <Nemo> we prfer to work on the regular album right now. The orchestral stuff is on hold, but it is the best stuff we have done so far

<BEORN> Since Tokyo Tales was released quite a few years ago, how about a new live album?
<Feanor> <Beorn> Let ´s wait and see, but we consider to do so, probably after the next regular, time will tell

<BEORN> Will the songs of the cancelled ep be on the next record?
<Feanor> beorn: possible, but not approved. it is a question of quality

<Nemo> Hansi: what stage have you reached in the process of making the new album? Some songs have been completed a lot of time ago... please update us on the situation
<Feanor> <nemo> 60% is done and we are increasing speed and quality

<beJuanito> In the new album... is it more like NiME, Imaginations... or is it something really new?
<Feanor> bejuanito so far it is in between, but we again tried to invent something new

<bregolad> Will the next album be LOTR inspired?
<Feanor> bregolad I guess it will be Tolkien influenced on one or two songs, plus the ep stuff which deal with Silmarillion

<dark-ange> hi hansi, why blind guardian hasn´t released any live video yet?
<Feanor> <dark-ange> we didn ´t feel that the time was right so far. we would like to make it special

<dark-ange> will next album be heavier than nightfall? it dissapointed me a bit...
<Feanor> dark-angel I am not sure what heavy means, if NIME is not
<dark-ange> i say perhaps harder kind of imaginations or past albums, for me nime has too many "ballads"
<dark-ange> but NIME is cool for sure :)
<Feanor> dark-angel we will do our best to make you happy, we have no intention to supply you with too many ballads

<Dead_Soul> Century Media just released Somewhere Far Beyond here in the US. Do you know of any plans to release Forgotten Tales or even the first 2 albums here?
<Feanor> Dear_Soul I don ´t have a clue, but they would be stupid not to

<erekose> up to now your lyrics have been about fantasy, do you plan change that sometime in the future?
<Feanor> erekose I am not really able to deal with other topics, so i stick to the guns

<dreamer> aside from the previous question, I'd like to ask you Hansi if you thought about making a song that is based on a Star Wars concept ...
<Feanor> dreamer that easily can turn into a cheesy failure

<extrian> hansi: me and Wolffien were thinking that you really should do a cover song of 'road runner-themes song' cover :) just to continue your great series of cover songs :)
<Feanor> extrian we might do so if I only knew the song

<Gighen> Hansi, excuse me... I haven't the possibility to hear HARVEST OF SORROW, but i have heard that is GREAT!!! Can you tell me if it will be out somehow (maybe in the next BG album!!!) PLEASE TELL ME THAT IT WILL BE OUT!!!
<Feanor> gighen it is a good song and out of the old songs it does have the biggest chance to appear on the next B.G. output

<Gothic> Would you ever consider to make your music more mainstream/commercial if you would get a big offer (i.e. movie soundtracks, etc.)
<Gothic> i'm not reffering specificaly to lotr ;)
<Feanor> gothic not in the regular terms of mainstream, but I wouldn ´t mind writing another Ballad such as "The BArd ´s song"

<Gothic> Have you ever thought/tried to make a concept album based on a different fantasy subject other than Tolkien's settings?
<Feanor> gothic I considered the "Rhinegold" saga, but that has been turned down by andré

<Haplo> Hansi: a quick note: convince andré to do a concept album or song trioligy on the rhinegold saga
<Haplo> (from a friend)
<Feanor> haplo I will

<Igor> Hail Hansi! A quick one... about new album, more alike to first few albums or to last 2 albums? Tolkien inspired... again? And BTW, greetings in the name of all Serbian fans (trust me, there's a lot!) :-)
<Feanor> igor we lean towards the latest two recordings. it maybe is little heavier than NIME, but there ´s still a little way to go

<Igor> Thanks, I'm glad to hear that. A couple of months ago, Kai K. told me that u have finished about 4 songs from new album... done any more? Near the end maybe? :)
<Feanor> igor it is more, we about to finish 7 or 8 songs, but we need 5 more. In the end they will all of the same high level

<Kyriakos> When I interviewed you a while back when you had come to Greece you said that Azriel's story is about losing faith and then finding your path again ... you said it depicts your life somehow .. Can we say that this is somehow depicted in your songs as well ( Banished from sanctuary lyrics and then a little more optimistic lyrics followed by the fact that you said you want to start reading about religion after you finish reading history ...)
<Feanor> kiriakos i enjoy religious topics in general

<Larve_> Hansi: Which of your album has sold best?
<Feanor> larve Nime, followed by Imaginations. All the others more or less sold the same amount, excluding Forgotten Tales and Tokyo Tales of course, who sold weakest

<Linda> Greetings from Sweden, dear Hansi! I just want to know if you´re planning on working with the Edguys again? I think you did a great job on "Out of control" :)
<Feanor> linda thanks I decided to focus on B.G., D6W for the next few years, so there hardly will be any time

<Llewyn> How much of the orchestral album have you finished and are you planning to finish it right after the new regular is released
<Feanor> llewlyn 50% of the classical stuff is done. But only for the first part. There will be two at least ...
<Llewyn> two parts? great! I'm really excited about those
<Feanor> Llewyn It will not be out before 2002

<Mongvar> Hi Hansi! I'd like to know if there will be any special guest in the upcoming album. Kai Hansen again maybe?
<Feanor> mongvar This one is not discussed between the members so far

<Cybertroll> Since you are an artist, you must know that your lyrics and music can influence a lot the youth. Have you ever thought of using your music and talent to talk about problems that concern the world like hunger, povery, oppression, fascism etc etc?
<Feanor> cybertroll do you really think so. I guess people should enjoy the music and the lyrics should comfort the music. Whatever I write down comes from the bottom of my heart and delivers each message I can think of in these certain moments

<MORGOTH> Is there any chance of releasing a Blind Guardian´s "Scream for me Brazil"? :P
<MORGOTH> and another autograph afternoon at the mall would be great too, Hansi :P
<Feanor> morgoth why not

<Turin> Brother Hansi, Greetings from New York, USA! Question 1:Will you do a song about the Greatest Warrior of Middle-Earth... Me!!! Question 2:Will Blind Guardian ever come out with Guitar Tableture for their albums... (I've tabbed most of D&W's songs)..Thanks for your time
<Feanor> Turin your song is in operation. Harvest of Sorrow definitely deals with your weird relationship to your beloved sister

<Olorin> Can you imagine yourself being say... 50 years old and still composing music and releasing albums with BG? Is this your goal or you think that you will probably quit a lot sooner?
<Feanor> olorin I can, my voice slowly vains in these days

<pianist> Hail Hansi!! Greetings from Sweden!! Earlier tonight you said that Mozart was your favourite composer. Is the song "The Script For My Requiem" inspired by Mozart's death and his requiem?
<Feanor> pianist no it is not

<Pemm> Hiiii Hansi! what made you or the band choose 'Don't talk to strangers' for the Dio tribute?
<Feanor> pemm it was a democratic decision plus we knew we would be able to manage that one in certain amount of time. It is a great song

<Rekail> How many albums did you sell from NIME all around the world?
<Feanor> rekail this is a secret, but it is more than 300.000

<Elfstone> Hello Hansi! I'd like to ask what do you think about Martin Walkyier and Skyclad, and if you would like to record something with him, or have him as guest on a BG album as I think his voice matches your own a lot
<Feanor> elfstone one of the coolest guys in the whole business and I really love their albums, we will see what the future brings

<LoboThrax> Hansi, who will be the producer of the upcoming album? fleming rasmussen?
<Feanor> lobotrax Charly Bauerfeind with André Olbrich I think