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22 September 2000
Blind Guardian almost done with new album's writing German power metal veterans Blind Guardian have nearly 70% of their next album written. Lyrically, there will be a topical issue for each song. The music is reportedly a straight progression of Nightfall In Middle Earth and Imaginations From The Other Side, though the band assures that there will be some surprises, of course. At least one song (the longest they have written so far: 12 minutes) will be dedicated to author J.R.R. Tolkien. They will start the recordings in October and the album will be produced by the band and Charly Bauerfeind. The album won't be released before the end of May next year and definitely no later than October 2001.

5 September 2000
Bootlegs page updated with Bootleg Rarities VI (VIDEO CD) and Demons And Wizards - German Crusade. Also orginal covers of Bootleg Rarities I, II and V added. And Bootleg Traders List page is added. If you want to list your bootlegs in Traders page mail me!

3 September 2000
News from Mystical:
- Hansi said it was a nice idea when he heard about Tribute Project.
- Blind Guardian will start the recordings in October.
- They have almost all songs ready to start recording.
- Producer will be Charlie Bauerfeind.
- No guest musicians are defined for now.

Here is some news concerning the new Blind Guardian CD from Hansi: "70% of the song writing is done this being 8 songs finished with at least 4 more on the way. Regarding the lyrics; there will be a topical issue for each song. The music is a straight progression of "Nightfall" and "Imaginations", though there will be some surprises, of course. At least one song (the longest we have written so far: 12 minutes) will be dedicated to J.R.R. Tolkien. It either will deal with the War of Wrath and the final consequences for the house of Feanor, better said its last survival or it will tell us something about the "Rings of Power and the Third Age". As it is a surprisingly large amount of stuff to be put on tape (well nowadays hardisk) the approximate production time will be between 3 and 6 months. We definitely will start the recordings in October. The album will be produced by us and Charly Bauerfeind. Album release won 't be before the end of May and not later than October 2001."
Also don't expect any Blind Guardian live dates until the new CD is finished. At that time you can expect the usual Blind Guardian touring activities.

30 August 2000
Bootlegs Page is ready. If u a trader please mail me with your bootleg list and your address. Thank you...

29 August 2000
MP3: Demons & Wizards - The Trooper (128 kpbs - 3.72 MB). Taken from Demons & Wizards bootleg called German Crusade. Recorded live in Krefeld, on June 7th, 2000.

28 August 2000
Today i received Demons & Wizards bootleg called GERMAN CRUSADE. The record quality is really great. I havent heard a quality like that before. It was recorded live at the "Bang Your Head" festival in Balingen, on June 30th, 2000 and last two tracks recorded live in Krefeld, on June 7th, 2000. Here is the Tracklist: Rites of Passage, Heaven Denies, Poor Man's Crusade, Fiddler On The Green, Blood On My Hands, Traveler In Sttyqian, Path Of Glory, Welcome To Dying, Tear Down The Wall, Gollows Pole, My Last Sunrise, Schools Out, The Trooper.

My Bootleg List (e-mail me for details):

  • Blind Guardian - Live In Japan 1995
  • Blind Guardian - Return Of The Elven Kings
  • Demons & Wizards - German Crusade

    23 August 2000
    Blind Guardian Tribute Project is going really well. If u have a Blind Guardian page it'd be great if you can link the Blind Guardian Tribute Project. And Bands :=) please join the project. Thank you.

    16 August 2000
    Blind Guardian South American Fan Club

    14 August 2000
    Blind Guardian Italian Site ( added to links page. And thanx for supporting Tribute Project. Hail to all Italian Bards :-) I hope we can also have our domain too.

    12 August 2000
    Tablatures page updated. Demons & Wizards added to Tablature page :-). Don't forget to check BLIND GUARDIAN TRIBUTE PROJECT page.

    6 August 2000
    Circle Of Turkish Bards wants to release Blind Guardian Tribute album. If you want to cover a Blind Guardian song please contact with me. We are waiting all your help. Thank you. E-mail:

    1 August 2000
    Demons & Wizards page added. I'm working on Bootleg page. I think it'll finish in a few days.

    27 July 2000
    Nightfall (Acoustic Live) 4.9 Mb mp3 added.

    15 July 2000
    On monday, 29th of May 2000 we had a chat with Hansi K├╝rsch in #Tavern. Visit CHAT LOGS page to get more info.

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