Bands That Joined The Project

The Storyteller
Tuatha de Danann
Acrimony Symphorce
Sid Barnhoorn
Kerem Yildirim's Band
Cruel Barbarian
Eternal Sorrow


We are asking all the bands to join our Blind Guardian Tribute Project. You can cover one of Blind Guardian song that you want. If the participation is very much we're going to release Blind Guardian Tribute as 2 CDs. We are still waiting for demos to contact with record companies. Thank you for your help. (

Please inform me about your records. Some bands going to finish their records soon :)

NEWS (6th October)

  • Acrimony (melodic/death) joined the project from Izmir.
  • TAYGA from Turkey joined with Bard's Song.
  • VĂ­tor Selles prepared a great cover :)
  • Eternal Sorrow from Brazil joined the project with I'M ALIVE.
  • Mystara is joining the project with Mordred's Song (they're not sure).
  • Wishmaster from Russia joined the project with BRAIN (from Lucifer's Heritage demos).
  • Dragonheart from Brazil joined the project. Dragon Heart was formed in July 1997. Influenced by the 80's Heavy Metal, mixing elements of Medieval, Classic, and Celtic Music. The band does Power Metal with developed melodies and epic vocals. The name, Dragon Heart, was chosen from the story of a knight that killed dragons for vengeance. The Dragon Heart has released our first official cd in start of the year and it called UNDERDARK. Dragon Heart also plays in its concerts covers of bands such as Blind Guardian, Grave Digger, Gamma Ray and Accept. Dragonheart - Underdark (5:56 full mp3 4070k)
  • Patrick Weinstein from Metal District asked Andy B. Franck, the singer of Brainstorm and Symphorce for joining the project. And B. Franck told that it'd be great for Symphorce to take part in the tribute project.
  • Swedish Melodic death/power metal band called "Clone" joined the project. They are planing to cover Welcome To Dying. (homepage)
  • BattleMage (Sweden) joined the project.
  • Cruel Barbarian from Czech joined the project.
  • Tuatha de Danann (MEDIEVAL MAGIC METAL, WITH TOTAL CELTIC INFLUENCES WITH FLUTES, VIOLINS, ACOUSTIC GUITARS - Brazil) joined the project with TIME WHAT IS TIME! You can check their mp3s here. Tuatha de Danann was opened band for Blind Guardian concert in Brazil :)
  • Equilibrium from Russia joined the project with Lord Of The Rings. It's really great to see a band from Russia.
  • If u know any BANDs who is going to enter the studio soon an can cover a Blind Guardian please mail So we can try to contact with them and ask them for joining the project.
  • Goroziko sent e-mail and asked Iced Earth, Grave Digger and Children of Bodom to join the project. We'll wait for their answers.
  • Blaster joined the project with Mirror Mirror
  • Loc-Nar joined the project. They want to cover two songs.
  • Valhalla joining the project with The Last Candle :-)
  • Drearylands from Brazil decided to join the project. They released they're first album. You can get more information from they are website and listen some samples too. Thanx Drearylands for joining the project.
  • I received a mail from The Storyteller and they want to join the project. They released their first album in May 2000. You can buy the cd from EMP or Check out The Storyteller Homepage for more information. They are going to cover VALHALLA :=)
  • Sorrowsend joined the project. They are going to cover A Past And Future Secret. And they decided to cover Somewhere Far Beyond too :)
  • Sorrowsend joined the project. They are going to cover A Past And Future Secret. And they decided to cover Somewhere Far Beyond too :)
  • Kerem Yildirim mailed me that they already covered Lost In The Twilight Hall and The Bard's Song - In The Forest. Turkish bands' support is really great. Thank you.
  • LightSphere is going to cover Majesty or Run For The Night :-)
  • Milan Skoda (Circle Of Czech Bards) mail me that he can asked the Czech Bands to join the project.
  • I received an e-mail from Fison (a great band Brazil). You can find their mp3s at Ron Jappe said that if they decided to record a song probably it will be Imaginations From The Other Side or Bright Eyes. It's a great news i think. Thanx FISON for their help.
  • A few minutes ago i received an e-mail from Threaten. The band (Thrash Metal) wants to record Banish From Sanctuary.
  • Sid Barnhoorn going to cover The Hobbit.
  • The first band that join the project is BATTLORN. They are going to cover Theatre Of Pain.