Once upon a time, in a town called Krefeld, there lived four bards. They were very good performers with their instruments, and their names were Hansi Kursch, who played a bass and sang, Andre Olbrich, who played guitar, along with Marcus Siepen, another guitar bard and Thomas Stauch, who played drums. One day, back in the year of 1985, they decided to get together and try to share their experience in the knowledge of music making. They named themselves Lucifer's Heritage, and when they released their first demo, Symphonies of Doom, the underground reviewers of the kingom, Germany, gave them the best reviews...

The subdits of the kingdom liked it so much that No Remorse Records guaranteed them a record contract, that resulted in them changing their name to Blind Guardian and releasing their first album, 'Battalions of Fear', in 1988. In 1989 they released 'Follow the Blind' and in 1990 their music spreaded to other kingdoms with 'Tales from the Twilight World', an album that mixed the great melodic metal style with orchestral and medieval elements that made their music an uncomparable style. Then their music reached the ears of a larger discographic, Virgin, and under their label they released in 1992 'Somewhere Far Beyond', an album that granted them the one way ticket to world recognition...

Hansi Kursh
10th of August, 1966
André Olbrich
3rd of May, 1967
Marcus Siepen
8th of September, 1968
Thomas Stauch
11th of March, 1970

In 1993 they released a live album, recorded in the far kingdom of the rising sun, Japan, showing how their popularity was spreading around the world. In 1995, after three endless years and to the joy of their fans, hey released 'Imaginations from the other side', that got reviews worth of the greatest band in the world. Then in 1996 they've released a more experimental album with covers and remixes called 'The Forgotten Tales' which is GREAT!

In april 1998 the new album was released. It was 'Nightfall in Middle-Earth', the CD has included in the booklet a 6 page story written by Hansi that tells a portion of the Silmarillion story. N.I.M.E. has debuted on the German album charts at number 7! This is the best that a true metal album has done in a long time (maybe ever!). For example in 1997 there has been Running Wild at 19, Iron Maiden at 16, Savatage at 11, and Dream Theater at 8. But BG has shown them all! This all can show that these bards are here to stay, and that we are here to support them so they can keep on making this great music only them know how...

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